Monday, July 06, 2020
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A piece of paradise

In the green north-west of La Palma you can still enjoy peace and silence.

Welcome to Paradise!

Finca El Morro, the former stately home with rich history has been elaborately renovated and revamped. Today it is under Spanish/German management.

The Finca benefits from its unique and very beautiful location on La Palma. and offers guests a broad variety of facilities.

The Finca can be seen as a fountain of health and recreation. Especially for clients with weight problems, general troubles, general weakness, Burn-Out-Syndrome etc. the Finca can make a crucial contribution to the physical and mental revitalisation and stimulation of self-healing powers. The Finca is a source of revival of buried awareness, of sense for yourself and your environment. Stress management through awareness is nowadays one of the most important techniques of complementary medicine and psychotherapy. Furthermore the question of nutrition is considered of great importance. Thus the food offered is organically grown.

The luxurious ambience embedded in an incomparable nature on and around the Finca helps you to reconnect with yourself. It generates a feeling of lasting well-being, and harmoniously integrates of your body, soul and mind.


The Finca El Morro offers an exceptional Canarian atmosphere – just relax and enjoy

The Finca is set in a beautiful 2.5 hectares wide park, embedded in nature in unmatched location, which can be described as an oasis of peace and contemplation. It is situated on magic La Palma with its impressive natural beauty. Even in ancient times it was described as the island of bliss. The buildings of the Finca are located on a rocky ridge 450m above the sea. This ridge is bordered by barrancos (canyons) as well as hills and mountains with old light flooded pine forests. A broad sea panorama with view over the vast Atlantic opens to the front.
The ten lovingly renovated and in part newly constructed buildings are tastefully decorated and are scattered in a subtropical garden. The grand country home is located in the center. Not far from this main building you find the spacious heatable swimming pool with barbecue area, sauna for 10 people, resting area and seats in the pleasant shade of palm trees.

The exclusive, classily furnished seminar block of about 110 sq.m. has an own toilet and shower area and a fantastic view over the wide Atlantic. The 500 sq.m. Qigong lawn, the fitness area with panoramic terrace, toilets and showers, W-Lan Internet, TV- and guest lounge, Bistro Bar as well as outdoor patio are only some of the further highlights.

The agricultural terraces serve to supply the Finca El Morro. Here more than 400 partly subtropical fruit trees and bushes have been planted, as well as an Aloe Vera plantation has been established. A constant supply of purely organic fresh vegetables and herbs of all sorts is grown – for you and your health. Furthermore there are several natural caves in the barrancos that have a surprisingly mystical character. They testify to the customs of the native inhabitants of the island, the Guanches, and invite us today to silent meditation and retreat.


Directly from the Finca El Morro starts a footpath down to Puerto de Lomada Grande. The impressive hike rewards with water fountains, caves, a natural swimming pool and a protected bay for year round swimming in the Atlantic.
Above the steep coast of Lomada Grande
Natural harbour Lomada Grande