Monday, August 03, 2020
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The Meeting Hall   can be equipped with chairs or meditation cushions and blankets. There is room for up to 100 people; if needed, participants can also sit in the open space in fromt of the hall. There is also a kitchen and dining hall in the seminar complex. Complete restauration, also vegetarian meals can be offered. If there are not enough rooms in the finca area, there are also holiday homes in the neighbourhood available..
A Conference Experience On Finca el Morro a very special conference experience can be provided for your participants. The calm and quiet atmosphere together with the wide open panoramic view over the Atlantic Ocean to the west induces a creative and meditative state of mind. The wonderful tropical park with the vast solar heated pool in its center will be the general meeting place. There is plenty of sunshine and the palm trees provide shade if desired.  
A piece of paradise you sometimes feel on La Palma. On Finca el Morro almost always! You feel the harmony in all corners of the vast park- and house arrangement. Guests and participants live in scattered lovely houses and apartments spread all over the park. A walk through the finca will reveal gorgeous places and provokes great joy!  
The Finca el Morro   in the untouched nature of the north west of the green Canary Island La Palma offers everything you can wish for a creative and successful seminar. It is an ideal meeting place for personal and spiritual growth, recovery and recreation, but also for efficient and creative teamwork. Hardly any site could enhance motivation in a better way.  

Finca El Morro, La Palma Seminar- Retreat- und Ferien Zentrum

Finca El Morro, S.L.
CIF: B38538682
Registro S/C La Palma N. 99030302

Geschäftsführer: Ernst Arnold Schmidt

Lomada Grande, 10

Tel.: +34-922-400272

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La Palma Kanarische Inseln, Spanien